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We offer a variety of agreements and services to fit any need.
  • Contingency Placement Agreements – this is an agreement in which you pay a fee only when one of our candidates is placed as an employee with your company. Establishing a contingency agreement well in advance of having a specific need allows time to learn about your company and its potential staffing needs. Once you contact us with a specific need, we are able to immediately begin to recruit to fill the position. Contingency agreements are also utilized by companies who have an immediate need to fill a position and are looking for assistance from many sources.
  • Retained Placement Agreements – this is an agreement in which you pay a fee plus expenses for Port Professional Staffing LLC to conduct a specific or multiple position search. A retained search is guaranteed to be a fresh, active and priority search with the highest level of research and resources dedicated to your search. Retained fee agreements can be utilized to help to lower your cost per hire in comparison to contingency fee agreements.
  • Hourly Agreements – this is an agreement where you only pay for the actual hours spent providing recruiting related services. This type of agreement is very flexible and helpful to any size company desiring assistance with only a portion of the recruiting process such as conducting initial resume screening from ad responses, conducting phone screenings or interviews.
  • Position Descriptions – we will utilize your position description or work with you to create a position description to highlight the position responsibilities.
  • Recruiting Plans – we will utilize your recruiting plan or work with you and your hiring managers to develop a recruiting plan that targets the candidates you desire.
  • Position Advertising – we can work with your ads or create ads and place them appropriately.
  • Resume Screening - we screen all resumes according to your criteria and all resumes are posted to our software system allowing multiple review and search capabilities.
  • Phone Screening and Interviews – we respond to all resumes we receive and we conduct phone screenings and interviews with those who appear to meet the job specifications.
  • Face-to-Face Interviews – we interview candidates face-to-face so we can focus on their specific skills as well as their potential fit in your organization.
  • On-site Interviews – we can come to your site to conduct interviews when that is your preference.
  • Candidate Interview Preparation - Our goal is to make sure your interviews with our candidates are as productive as possible and we prepare our candidates appropriately.
  • Interview Coordination – we work with you and can coordinate all the details related to setting up the interview process with the hiring managers and human resources group.
  • Interview Facilities – we can provide interview facilities if you need to maintain the confidentiality of open positions, if you do not have interview facilities or if you just need to get out of the office to allow focus only on the candidates.
  • Regular Search Updates – we provide you with regular updates on the status of each search.
  • Reference and Background Checks – we perform reference checks on all candidates presented for client interviews and background checks are performed based on your needs.
  • Interview Debriefing – we follow up with the candidate and each of the interviewers to determine everyone’s impression and the next steps.
  • Compensation Negotiations– we can act as the facilitator and consultant to benefit all parties involved.
  • Counter Offer Avoidance - we prepare our candidates to minimize risk of loss of candidates to counter offers.
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