A Better Way To Hire
Traditional search methods, such as running an ad, limit your company’s talent pool and can slow the hiring process as you weed through mountains of resumes. There are also many top prospects not actively seeking new employment who are open to taking a new position, if the right opportunity comes along. Port Professional Staffing can not only target these candidates, but also present them to you in an efficient manner.

Port Professional Staffing interviews a constant flow of candidates for their skills, abilities and career ambitions—not necessarily for a particular position. This approach enables candidates to talk more freely regarding their career goals and objectives. Sourcing both active and passive job candidates and networking with others who have experience in your industry allows Port Professional Staffing to present you with a greater selection of better qualified candidates.  Our state-of-the-art staffing software is utilized to accurately match the skills and experience you need to available candidates. This reduces the time it takes to present candidates to you.
Understanding your Staffing Needs
We take the time to understand your job requirements and will devise a recruiting strategy to fill your position openings. Having the capability to understand your business, performing the proper due diligence and asking the correct questions up front enables us to act on your behalf in sourcing and interviewing candidates. This means we save you time and effort in sourcing, qualifying, reviewing and interviewing candidates. Once candidates are identified we can organize the hiring process with your hiring authorities so they will only interview candidates that will be a valuable use of their time. The result is our presentation of a few well qualified prospects from which to choose.
Client Relationship
Port Professional Staffing can act as either your sole recruiting source or work in conjunction with your human resources group and hiring managers, filtering candidates to make the most efficient and effective use of everyone’s time.

Offering flexibility in our recruiting services and in the ways in which we can do business with you means that we can provide assistance to a variety of companies and organizations. Our ideal client relationship is one in which we are able to obtain a good understanding of your business so we can act on your behalf. Establishing our relationship before you have a need or in anticipation of a need allows us to respond more quickly when you do have a need. Since we are always interviewing, we are able to keep an eye open for candidates which may fit well in your organization.

The bottom line is that when you have a staffing need, we do our best to see that you interview the best candidates available.

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